Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gmail - Weaver Adams final standings

Gmail - Weaver Adams final standings: "Weaver Adams final standings Inbox

Robert Oresick to Adam, Alexander, Bernardo, Edward, Greg ...
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The Weaver Adams is now completed. Alexander Paphitis, Lior Rozhansky, Jonathan Lee, and Robert Oresick tied for 1st and so move on to the Reubens Landey stage of the championship cycle. Congratulations and good luck.

Monday, July 10, 17, 24, 31 August 7: Reubens/Landey BCC Qualifier U2200 Championship 5SS; 40/90, G/30; Open to BCC members rated under 2199; Entry Fee: $25: Winner receives free entry into the BCC Championship beginning on 9/11. Registration: 6:00 to 6:45; Rounds: 7:00
SwissSys Standings. Weaver Adams Qualifier: Open
#NameIDRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Tot
1Alexander Paphitis1243654017991810W10W3L2W73.0
2Lior Rozhansky1282591017321745W12W8W1L33.0
3Jonathan M Lee1274292817221730W15L1W13W23.0
4Robert J Oresick1265951916521662H---W14W6H---3.0
5Kenneth Ho1243695017091695W13D7L8W142.5
6Zaroug Jaleel1293820314951534H---W9L4W82.5
7Mike Griffin1001779317681758W11D5H---L12.0
8Adam W Fletcher1271801415231548W9L2W5L62.0
9Walter A Driscoll Iii1254751317711726L8L6D11W131.5
10William J Mac Lellan1001351816001588L1D12W14U---1.5
11Thaddeus S Gorczyca1264221014601452L7L13D9W151.5
12Edward F Foye1288839014441458L2D10W15U---1.5
13M Jon Turcotte1281401412401264L5W11L3L91.0
14Greg Hager12474912979976B---L4L10L51.0
15Leonard Gruenberg1291232313741342L3H---L12L110.5

amici summus,

Robert Oresick "


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